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Privacy Policy

Communications between a client and a psychotherapist are confidential. No information is disclosed without prior written permission from the client.

However, there are some exceptions required by law to this rule. I am required by law to report to the authorities the following circumstances:

  • If I suspect that an individual may be involved in child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse.
  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person.
  • If a client intends to harm himself or herself. The therapist will make every effort to work with the individual to ensure their safety. However, if an individual does not cooperate, additional measures may need to be taken.

Cancellation Policy

Most people are responsible and considerate regarding attendance at sessions. If you are one of those conscientious people, I thank you and realize that for you such a detailed policy may be unnecessary. I hope that even if you are not likely to cancel sessions, you will find it helpful to have a policy in writing.

This is a very personal service. When I make an appointment with you it is a firm commitment that I will be there for you at our agreed time. I begin and end all sessions on time and that time is reserved specifically for you. There may even be times when I am present in the place of service just to see you.

Holding the time is using the time. Most people reserve time a week in advance. Sessions canceled, even within the 48 hour/two business days cancellations period, are often essentially used by the person who initially reserved them.

In most cases, there is no charge for sessions canceled in advance of two business days before the session time.

If you cancel less than two full business days before the session time you will be charged a full fee.

There is no charge for missed sessions in the case of severe illness such as flue or accidental injury, or life-and-death events such as funerals. I understand that there may be days when you are too ill to attend sessions. However, I do require that you call and let me know that you will be absent – unless it is physically impossible for you to make the call.

If you have a chronic illness or health problems that cause you to frequently cancel sessions there will be a charge for those missed sessions. If your health is unpredictable it is up to you to decide whether you can commit an appointment. I am always available to have the session over the telephone or video.

There is always a charge for forgotten sessions or sessions related to work, business, and travel. If your job requires you to work at the last minute you are responsible to pay for the missed session. If your job is unpredictable it is up to you to decide whether you can commit an appointment. Airlines and weather are also unpredictable. I understand that you cannot control many problems related to travel, so please consider your travel schedule when making the appointment.

Policy on my absence

If I am severely ill or have a life or death event I will inform you that I will be absent.

I inform patients of my vacation or conference schedule at least a week in advance.

If I am unable to give a week’s notice of events that will keep me out of the office I will give 48 hours.

Communication Between Sessions

Some therapists are always on-call. I am not one of those therapists. I usually return emails the same day or within 24 hours, though you may wait longer on weekends. I do not text with clients and do not discuss clinical issues via email. My email is [email protected].