Alternative Lifestyles

DS, BDSM, Kink, Fantasy and Fetish Lifestyles and Concerns

I support people in finding lifestyles and relationships that work for them. Individual and relationship therapy can support people in improving communication and negotiating boundaries. You may want to work on issues related to fetish, fantasy or lifestyle; or you may want to work on issues that are completely unrelated. Fantasies of dominance and submission (DS), BDSM, fetishes, or other desires may cause distress and problems for some people. While other people find that these desires or practices are a source of joy and strength. An advantage in seeing a specialist is that I will not make it an issue if it is not an issue for you.

Many people seek out a Kink-Aware therapist because their partner does not share their sexual preference and they want to find ways of making the relationship more compatible. Sometimes people come to counseling to explore the meaning of sexual fantasies in their life. And sometimes they want a therapist who can see past their sexuality or lifestyle and help them with life challenges such as family, work, relationship, emotional problems, and major decisions. My office is a non-judgmental and safe environment